Shea butter
---- From Africa

We are now introducing Shea butter (Karite) directly from KanKan, Guinea, West Africa. Our Karite is 100% pure and unrefined.

We have 50g and 85g jars for personal use, and we are happy to take orders for large lots for professional use as well. For details about how to order, please email us at

The quality of our Shea butter is proudly certified by the Commerce, Industry and SME Department of the Republic of Guinea.

Our product

For a long time, people in West Africa have been using Shea butter on the face and for body massages, as well as for cooking.

Shea butter is also well known and widely used in Europe, although it is not yet well recognised in Japan, probably because of geographical reasons.

Our pure Shea butter is directly imported from Africa and delivered to you as is. Since our Shea butter is pure and unrefined, small pieces of wood or shell may occasionally be found in it, and make the colour of the product darker. Also, you may find the Shea butter has a coating of white powder, which can occur due to the temperatures used to preserve it. However, none of these will degrade the quality of our products.

How I discovered Karite

Here in Japan, Aichi Expo 2005 is still fresh in our minds. For most countries, one of the main purposes of participating in an Expo is, of course, to introduce their own countries to the world. Another may be to open up new markets for their products. This is where I first encountered Karite (Shea butter), which exists only in West Africa.

At the Aichi Expo, I found Western African women’s skin to be very soft and smooth, and I wondered why this was. So I asked some of the ladies there, and one lady said that she used Karite for her skin. Another said her mother had been using Shea butter for cooking all her life, and that she didn’t use any other cooking oils at all.

So this was the beginning of the story of Karite and myself.

How I use Karite.

In Europe and on the East coast of the United States, people have been enjoying Karite as a moisturiser for their skin. I myself apply Shea butter to my heels after taking a bath, or my hands when they get dry and peel. I have also started using it as a moisturiser for my face. As it is 100% pure and additive-free, I can use it for my children as well. However, since everyone’s skin conditions differ, please use Karite in accordance with your own condition.